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2019 Forrester Review

A red carpet customer experience for luxury customers must be paralleled by exceptional, premium customer service.

According to a January 2019 Forrester report, How To Build A Modern Agent Desktop And Transform Customer Service Experiences, the modern agent desktop must have five critical elements to enable customer service leaders and agents to deliver exceptional service.

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Powerfront Digitally Visualizes the In-Store Experience, Customer Emotion and Value - Forrester

Leading luxury brands using INSIDE by Powerfront

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Open a new door of possibilities for your online business.

See your online customer, see their journey, see it as if they were standing right in front of you.

Proven to deliver higher conversion and higher retention by getting you closer to your online customer. Let us show you.

We provide you with everything you need to know about your customer:

See Customer Journey, History, Purchases, Forms, Searches and Basket… with no integration.

Fast implementation, requires no development by your tech teams.

Used by all industries

Ecommerce, Education, Insurance, Finance, Service, Travel, Subscription and more.

Our specialists will help you define your Customer Journey to fit your specific industry. We work with Retailers, Banks, Colleges, and Airlines just to name few.

Measured results

The combination of visualisation and knowledge delivers a superior customer experience, increased efficiency & conversion.

Servicing some of the worlds largest organisations, not to mention - most cutting edge brands who are ahead of technology trends.

Visually consume customer data and behaviour

How is your customer feeling right now? Sad? Challenged? Confused? Do you know?

Our sophisticated platform aims to mimic face to face interactions, allowing your agents to react and understand your customer requests as quickly as possible. Managers can visually locate the engagements that require attention or escalation.

Fun and natural to use

A deeper customer connection.

The only platform that is aimed to deliver fun and gamification to your agent increasing their efficiency and ROI.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Engage through Web Chat, Mobile Chat, Email, Messenger & Text.

Your customers can use multiple devices and channels to communicate. Already using Salesforce or Zendesk? We provide plugins that enable a seamless, single user interface.

Say Hello to the INSIDE BOT

Bots assisting human engagement is what we believe to be the most effective form of communication with online visitors.

We have developed a unique approach to AI. Our Chat Bots offer assistance to Agents instead of pretending to be human, minimizing common customer friction points.

Keeping you in the know

Follow your team’s performance wherever you are with the INSIDE Manager App. View, escalate, assist or train in real time.

See how your entire team is working right now, assist problematic areas in real time.

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